I need personal insurance

While no one ever plans to be hit by a bus or some other equally disastrous mishap, insurance creates a financial buffer that gives you or the people you love one less thing to worry about.

Life’s strange isn’t it? One day everything’s going swimmingly, and the next you can be blindsided (or worse) by an injury or illness. If it’s not us (and please don’t let it be us), we all know someone who has been in this picture.

And what makes it a million times worse is if it happens, and they don’t have insurance.

Having insurance creates some financial breathing space, so the people affected can get on with recovering. And if the worst happens, the people who are left behind don’t have money worries to add to their troubles.

As a personal insurance broker, Ink Wealth can help you figure out the type of insurance and the amount of cover you need. We advise in the areas of life insurance, trauma insurance, income protection insurance and total and permanent disability insurance.

We’ll shop around on your behalf to find the cover and terms that suit you at a competitive price. And then we can help you with applying for your cover so you can sleep well at night, knowing it’s all in place.

Call us today for a chat about personal insurance for you.