Total & Permanent Disability Insurance

Total and permanent disability (TPD). Well that doesn’t sound like fun does it? Even less fun is having to live with the consequences of suffering a TPD, and not having a financial buffer in place to help you manage.

It’s an awful thing to think about. One moment, everything’s going along swimmingly, and then bam! You find yourself landed with a serious disability you’re stuck with. No one thinks it will happen to them – and of course we hope each of us is spared this fate.

But accidents do happen, and so do chronic and nasty diseases that can make it impossible for you to work in your chosen field.

Having TPD insurance in place is one way to lessen the sting if this were to happen.

TPD cover is often bundled up with life insurance. This means you get the peace of mind of knowing there is a lump sum payment coming your way if you suffer any of the conditions defined in the TPD cover, or for your loved ones if you were to die.

Having TPD cover (and life insurance) can at least take money worries off the table – giving you some financial breathing space to help you manage if you were to suffer a total and permanent disability, or for your loved ones in the case of your death.

A Financial Planner can help you identify the right TPD policy for you and provide you with advice more generally about your personal insurance requirements.

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