Commercial Property Loans

If you are interested in investing in commercial property – and you’d like a loan to cover it – talk to us.

Investing in commercial property can offer many advantages.

Perhaps you are a business owner and you currently rent premises. If instead you buy them, you can avoid paying rent, and gradually build equity in the asset.

There can be tax advantages with many of the costs of property ownership being eligible as tax deductions. Depreciation and negative gearing can also come into play.

It’s important to note that there are many factors to consider to determine if investing in commercial property is right for you financially, and also whether the property your are considering is a smart investment choice.

Do your own research and consider things like its location, its proximity to infrastructure, the condition of the building (and whether there are likely to be significant capital costs), the layout of the building and how attractive that’s likely to be to a potential lessee, the occupancy rates of similar properties in the area and the likely rental yield you can expect.

If you’re confident it’s a good investment, then contact us. We are experienced in helping investors to secure the right loan for them, drawing on loans offered by Australia’s leading lenders.