Financial Planning

It’s one thing to have dreams – but quite another to have an action plan to achieve them. Having a financial plan creates real momentum and helps guide your decision-making to take you closer to your goals.

Your Ink Wealth Advisor will start by working with you to detail your goals, understand your circumstances and develop a financial strategy to meet your objectives.

But our relationship doesn’t end there. We take a long-term view in helping you reach your goals. As we say, we’re committed to your freedom.

Together we manage and review your financial plan on a regular basis. This may involve re-setting goals, and adjusting the strategy when necessary.

Our philosophy is that everyone is unique. And achieving an appropriate risk-return trade-off that best meets your goals requires a solution that ties together your specific objectives, preferences, risk profile and circumstances. Your Ink Wealth Advisor works closely with you, along with other specialist practitioners, to deliver a customised solution for you.

To maximise wealth creation, you need to pay attention to how your objectives are achieved. Managing costs, including minimising taxes, is critical. By ensuring your investment infrastructure suits you, you can avoid pitfalls down the track, particularly around the time of retirement. We have the necessary expertise to help you set up the best structure from the start to give you more flexibility and support you in meeting your goals.

Achieving financial security (and sleeping well at night) also involves thinking about how much financial risk you are comfortable with. We can help you understand your risk-tolerance levels, and translate and illustrate how risk can affect different strategies designed to achieve your objectives. We want to ensure that you understand and are completely comfortable with the strategy we develop for you.

We have the expertise and processes to ensure we fully understand the risks of any investment we recommend, without just relying on third party investment options.

You also need to know your Advisor is free of vested interests. Ink Wealth is not tied to any financial institution, and we do not receive commissions on investment products. (If we do receive a commission, it is rebated to you.) Our Advisors are not remunerated on a commission basis.

To get started on building your dreams through financial planning that’s tailored individually for you, give us a call. We’d love to help you bring all your goals to life!