Become an Ink Pal

Ink Pals are our Referral Partners.

“A wealthy person is simply someone who has learned how to make money when they’re not working.”
  – Robert Kiyosaki

We don’t just talk the talk… We are truly committed to your freedom.

Receive up to $3000 for a referred client that settles a loan with us!  (click here for full T&C’s)

Having multiple income streams is one of the best ways to build wealth and reduce the risk of an income impacting event, such as losing your job, a business failure or even personal injury.

Whilst we strongly believe you should protect yourself against these events with insurance, having another income stream is always helpful.

By becoming an Ink Pal you can:

  • Enjoy an extra income. What could you do with it?
  • Create income without working – our system does it all for you!
  • Help others move towards their dreams.
  • Become a trusted centre of influence in your circles.

Let’s face it…. where’s the fun in getting wealthy if you have no one to share it with.