Business Expenses Insurance

Unexpected injuries or illnesses can happen to anyone – but it especially sucks if you’re a business owner and the expenses keep piling up even while you’re out of action.

The answer is business expenses insurance.

It covers your fixed business costs to give you the financial breathing space to focus on getting better.

The costs you can cover include: office rent; leases on equipment, machinery and cars; wages and superannuation costs for non-revenue generating staff; general insurance premiums; electricity, gas and water bills; repairs and maintenance; and the cost of getting a temporary replacement for you while you’re off work.

There are many different business expenses insurance policies available, with each offering different terms and premiums. By varying the waiting period and/or benefit period you apply for, you can influence the premium you pay.

A Financial Planner can recommend the business expenses insurance policy that offers policy definitions that best suit your particular situation.

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