Life Insurance

No one wants to talk about death. Least of all your own. Eek! But until someone comes up with a magic cure that grants us immortality, having life insurance can be a smart move to take.

So right now you might be thinking to yourself, hey, I’m young. Does this stuff really apply to me?

Well, the answer is yes. Even if you don’t have dependants, you may have debts that someone will be responsible for if the worst were to happen to you. Would you really want to dump that on your family?

And if you do have a family of your own, what will be the financial impact on them if you were to die?

Life insurance pays out a defined sum of money to the people you nominate as beneficiaries in the event of your death. Premiums are not tax deductible, however, tax does not apply to benefit payments.

When thinking about how much cover you need, you may wish to factor in things like the size of your mortgage, or what your family would need to continue to live the lifestyle you want for them.

One of our preferred Financial Planners can help you figure this out, and also assist you in making your application.

A Financial Planner is familiar with different insurers and the premiums and terms offered by their life insurance policies.  They can therefore recommend which policy is the best match for your needs.

Contact us today and we can refer you to a Financial Planner.