Business Loans

If you need a loan or finance for your business, talk to us. We’ll help you identify the right choice of loan for your needs, and help you with your application too.

Business loans are available for a variety of purposes. These include if you’re looking for finance to fund a start-up business, or you need a loan to support business growth, or to acquire inventory, motor vehicles, equipment or other assets.

Business loans often have a term ranging from one to fifteen years, however if the loan is secured by property, the term can be as long as thirty years.

Interest only business loans are available, but do be aware that at the end of the term, you will still owe the principal.

Terms and application criteria vary from lender to lender, and also for which type of business loan you’re applying for.

Naturally, the better your credit history and assets, the larger the amount the lending institutions will be willing to loan.

We’re experienced in helping business owners and managers to navigate the application process, and helping them maximise the likelihood of having their loan application approved.

Talk to us to find the right choice of business loan to fit your needs.