About Ink Wealth

If your life’s crazy busy, then you need a finance broker who makes it easy. Well, that would be us. We get as fired up as you do about fast tracking your goals – all without burying you in paperwork or detail overload.

In short, we’re passionate, energetic and creative about helping you bring your goals to life. This means we see opportunities where others see obstacles. We’re good at finding pathways for you to reach your goals – even when you can’t see them for yourself. And with stacks of experience behind us, we’ve got a big pool of ideas and strategies to draw on. This means that even if you feel like your money situation is messy, or that you haven’t made as much progress as you’d like, chances are you have more options than you realise.

We’ve got your back

Have you ever tried to deal with a financial institution, but had lots of roadblocks put in your way? Perhaps it was a ridiculous amount of paperwork you had to complete, or maybe you didn’t have enough assets for them to take you seriously. Either way, you may have left without getting the help you wanted, or simply found the process too energy-sapping or demoralising to ever consider going back.

Ink Wealth is different. People say we’re really easy to connect with, and that they feel listened to and understood right from the start. Our clients appreciate the fact that we bend over backwards to find ways to say ‘yes’ to their dreams. We then come up with a fresh approach to make that happen.

You’ll find we’re just as excited as you are when you tick off your list of goals. Think of us as your financial cheerleader!

In short, we’re committed to your freedom. Freedom from financial stress – and freedom to enjoy life exactly as you want.

Let’s have a quick chat about how we can make this picture a reality for you.