I want a better return for my cash

Fair enough. You’ve worked hard for your money so it’s reasonable to expect it will work its little tail off for you too!

We’re across a big range of investments – so we can make suggestions about where you may be able to do better. With many years of investment experience and a strong knowledge of the merits of different types of investments, we explain in simple language what your options are.

Our advice will also reflect our understanding of your ‘risk profile’. What’s that you may ask? Well different investments have differing levels of volatility. Some investors are comfortable with a more up and down ride if the long term outcome looks promising, whereas this pathway makes others feel squeamish, and they prefer an investment that has less highs and lows.

We’ll factor in where you sit in this spectrum, so you can choose an investment or investment mix for your cash that fits within your comfort zone and that’s likely to give you a good return on your investment.

Give us a call to find out more.