Goals that can Change your Life

We all set goals, either consciously or unconsciously, but most of us are content with vague easily set targets that are just as easily forgotten the next day.

We sort of know where we’re going and we count upon fate, luck, providence and quick thinking to get us there. This might work sometimes, but it also makes it easy for us to become confused, find excuses or give up.

Goal setting is one of the simplest and most powerful tools you have to bring about positive changes in your life. Like driving in a big city, it’s harder to find your way if you don’t know exactly where you’re going.

Setting goals is like stopping to look at a map – it takes a few minutes to do it, but it makes sure you’re headed in the right direction.

Here are some examples of the big picture goals we help our customers achieve.

Moving to a bigger house

We often hear parents say they wished they had moved to a bigger house when their children were young, rather than when they are teenagers and nearly out of home.

Parents of young children are often faced with the dilemma of where to prioritise their finances: family holidays, children’s education or a larger home? Some become paralysed by indecision and end up following a path without purpose.

To overcome indecision like this it helps to map out your goals – making sure they are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-framed. If your goal is a bigger house then work out your cash flow on paper – what does it look like this year? What do you expect it to look like in three years?

Talk to us about what funding options are available and what risks you may encounter.

Funding retirement

It’s easy to put your head in the sand about retirement and hope it will sort itself out nearer the time, but unfortunately it rarely does.

Property can be used as a means to fund retirement but a successful approach requires goals to be set well in advance. The two commonly used retirement property investment approaches are to live off the equity or to live off the rental income, yet many investors don’t have a strategy to ensure their plans bear fruit.

As your mortgage broker we can help you plan for success by setting you up with the right financing, as well as pointing you in the right direction for specialist financial planning and tax advice.