Retirement Planning

Retirement might seem a long way off, but that shouldn’t mean you don’t give it any attention right now.

When you’re young, retirement feels far, far away. And if you do give it a passing thought, perhaps you imagine the government will be there, benevolently funding the happy, carefree lifestyle you’d like to imagine enjoying. Oh dear! Sadly, the projections would suggest otherwise.

The reality is that for most of us, a comfortable retirement will require that we roll our sleeves up and contribute ourselves, and not rely on the pension.

The beauty of starting early is that anything you contribute when young will be hard at work for more years – compared with the relatively short-term nature of contributions you cram in your final working years.

To plan a fabulous retirement, you need to start by identifying your goals for those years, and what it will take financially to achieve them. And by clarifying where you stand right now, you can figure out the differential. We can help you with all of this.

As the government is keen for people to be as self sufficient as possible in retirement, there are many incentives around contributing to your retirement nest egg – including tax advantages and co-contributions made by the government for low income earners.

A Financial Planner is skilled in developing a customised action plan to support your retirement needs. They can also assist with investments, superannuation and self managed super funds.

Contact us today and we can refer you to a Financial Planner.