Investment Portfolio

There are different types of assets that you can choose from in building your investment portfolio. A Financial Planner can help you assemble the mix and amount of each that suits your preferences and goals.

The main types of investment assets are cash, fixed interest, property and equities (shares).

Cash includes bank deposits, term deposits, savings and cheque accounts and cash management trusts.

Fixed interest includes government bonds, corporate bonds, mortgages and hybrid securities.

Property includes direct investments in residential, industrial and commercial property. It can also include indirect investment in listed property vehicles.

Equities (otherwise known as shares) include Australian equities and international equities.

Each class of asset offers different levels of volatility and return.

It’s generally wise to spread your investments across more than one asset class – and this is known as diversification. The reason for this is if the market were to suffer significant losses in one asset class, you don’t risk having ‘all your eggs in one basket’. This helps your investment portfolio to weather any extreme movements, and over time, grow in overall value.

We urge you to speak with one our preferred Financial Planners, who can explain the relative merits of each asset class and also review with you your tolerance for volatility (or risk as it’s known) as well as your timeline. This information will allow your Advisor to recommend an investment portfolio mix that’s best suited to your needs.

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