Refinance for Christmas

Right now it’s very attractive for savvy borrowers to consider refinancing their home loan.

Home loan providers are currently offering cashback incentives of up to $2000
that you can take advantage of.

It is perfect timing for Christmas. You get a better loan, possibly save thousands of dollars in interest AND get spending money for Christmas!

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The lending market continues to reform from a time when the ‘big four’ dominated the landscape to the highly competitive vibrant market we see now. With this increase in competition, lenders now have to work hard to attract new business and the use of cashback incentives is currently one preferred option on the table.
The amount of cash on offer for a home loan can be significantly higher than other financial products due to the size of the lending. Depending on the offer and your circumstances, it can be in the form of gift cards worth thousands of dollars or cold hard cash in your pocket. You can choose to reduce your loan amount straight away or spend the funds on whatever ever you wish.
Remember cashback incentives for home loans should only be considered as a bonus.  Interest rates, fees and the flexibility of the loan that suit your financial needs are the most important factors to consider, but why not take advantage of a cashback at the same time.

With one simple phone call, we can teach you how to refinance your current loan into a better product and get paid to do it!

Bank offers always have a limited time, so don’t hesitate or you could miss out.

Book Your Free 15 Min Phone Call and find out how much you can save Now! 

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