8 Home Stylist Secrets That Every Seller Should Know

Spring is here and you’re preparing your home for sale. You know that it needs to be clean and tidy for the endless procession of open house inspections, but is this enough to secure the best sale?

Here we look at the tips and tricks home stylists use to make a home memorable to potential buyers. It’s all about helping buyers feel that your home could be their home.

1. De-personalise

Pack away all photos, certificates, medals, family related memorabilia and framed prints. Don’t leave it until the last minute as you may need to patch up picture hook holes with putty and paint.

2. Let in light

Natural light is a drawcard for potential buyers, so do everything you can to invite light into your home. This includes opening all shades and curtains, and using mirrors and spotlights behind furniture to illuminate dark rooms. Consider replacing dark window dressings with lighter versions.

3. Create storage space

Buyers will look in your wardrobes and cupboards to gauge an idea of storage space, so empty out half their contents to give the impression of space aplenty. Make sure items are stored in the room appropriate to their use, such as spare toilet rolls in the bathroom, not the bedroom. Out of place items will have buyers concerned about storage issues.

4. Set the right temperature

Heat or cool your home in advance of the open house. If it’s a hot day, buyers should feel a welcome relief stepping into your home but not so cold they start shivering.

5. Remove pets

Not everyone is a pet lover, so avoid taking the gamble on whether buyers love them or hate them by removing them altogether. That means temporarily getting rid of all traces of your pet, including bedding, food bowl and tell-tale smells.

6. Aim for fresh

Not only should you remove pet smell, but any other smells that might deter buyers. These include damp, musty scents in rooms that are kept closed, or lingering cooking smells like fried or spicy food. Fresh air and cleaning are the best ways to neutralise odours. Use vases of flowers in preference to candles and air fresheners.

7. Make a good first impression

If your home doesn’t look good from the outside, buyers might drive by but never come inside. Apart from a well-maintained garden and exterior façade, don’t forget the little details that might turn buyers off like clogged gutters, overfilled garbage bins or mildew on window sidings.

8. Clean inside and out

Clean every surface you see when looking around the inside of your home, from benches and skirting boards, to ceilings and windows. Then clean spaces that are hidden from immediate view, such as inside the oven, the back of cupboards, or underneath the sofa. You may need to hire professional cleaners or enlist the help of friends and family.